Pratham International School is intergraded with I-Icon Academy, which is one of the leading academic institutions to train our student for IIT-JEE.

Why should a student from VI Class opt for JEE (IIT, AIEEE) , NEET (MEDICAL) FOUNDATION COURSE ?

We can notice how rapidly changes are taking place in the present day competitive world and many more developments in the system of education. In order to stand distinguished and be successful in future in any national level competition like JEE(IIT, AIEEE), NEET(MEDICAL) or in our state exams like KCET, students need a proper planning and a systematic study from VI class itself.

In order to realize the dreams of students and fulfill the aspirations of parents, it is utmost necessary to have long term planning through  IIT-JEE and Medical  Foundation Programme by  school management.  Our most advanced Integrated (STATE, CBSE & ICSE Syllabus) foundation printed study material combined with modern assessment and evaluation techniques enhances the chances of getting higher ranks in IIT-JEE and  Medical. The sole dream of I-ICON Academy is to pave an uninterrupted and dedicated way to the present school children of different private schools of A.P, Telangana, Karnataka and  Orissa and prepare them to face any competition successfully.  I-ICON Academy believes in perfection and shaping the career of next generation of India

          If students and parents can foresee the near future i.e. within 3 or 4 years, out of every four students, who join intermediate, 3 students must have studied JEE(IIT, AIEEE), NEET(MEDICAL) foundation course. Then what about the students who have not studied JEE(IIT, AIEEE), NEET(MEDICAL) foundation course. Can they compete with other students?Unimaginable. That's why we want to make every student of our school most efficient and brilliant to face any national or state level competitions in future and get top ranks and stand distinguished and be a winner.